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Company introduction: Tianjin jinjingcheng company was born in this wonderful fertile soil to thrive in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the rapid development. For more than ten years, Tianjin sincere company in the property rights system, management mechanism, technology and quality, marketing mode, management mode, enterprise culture and other aspects of constant innovation, system innovation, has achieved remarkable results. Today, jinjingcheng company as one of private enterprises -- driving ride the wind and waves in the market economy, a vast expanse of water.

Today, the international situation change unpredictably, the surging tide of the market economy. Tianjin Company will firmly grasp the company's development strategy, adhere to the one industry based, diversified development, and strive to create a international trade and industry, to create Tianjin sincere business into the new world of economic globalization.

Here, sincerely hope that all the friends from all walks of life, as always, the concerns of Tianjin sincere, sincere support of Tianjin, work together, mutual benefit and jointly create Tianjin sincere cause more brilliant tomorrow! For the chemical industry in Tianjin to make a contribution to.

Our company is the sole agent on mine. In the China Mitsui selenium. Long term operation of sodium nitrate, cobalt oxide, iron oxide red, chromium oxide green, nickel oxide and other chemical raw materials. Welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation!

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