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Research and development as the research and development, research and development, research and development, refers to the various research organizations and enterprises to obtain science and technology (not including the humanities, social sciences) new knowledge, creative use of science and technology, new knowledge or substantial improvement techniques, products and services and ongoing system activities with clear goals.

In February 2016, the national science foundation, according to the journal of the American academy of science and engineering indicators released, there is no doubt China has become a research and development of the world's second superpower.

Know, global r&d spending overall is on the rise, and are still concentrated in North America, Europe and east Asia and southeast Asia. Research and development of the United States remains the world's superpower, China's second, China's research and development spending close to the sum of the European Union. In calculation of total world spending on research and development, at purchasing power parity, China accounts for about 20%, second only to the United States (27%). Japan ranks third, accounting for 10%; Fourth, Germany (6%); Followed by South Korea, France, Russia, Britain and India, they accounted for 2% of total global r&d spending to 4% product research and development

Product research and development is the actual manufacturing, development of product contents. Such as any visual consumer goods is a product research and development. Product development is a manufacturing enterprise survival. If there is no product research and development, an enterprise is just a pure agent manufacturing aneroid, profit is very low, and the living space is very small.

Product content involves:

1, computer virtual product and real products. Computer virtual product research and development costs low, mainly rely on high knowledge talented person to develop new products. Such as online games, PC software products. It is these companies into very low, so since the birth of computer, this business very quickly.

2, mobile phone product research and development integration.

Real product research and development. Involve the basic manufacturing requirements, also have out of manufacturing related products, but ultimately depend on the manufacturers to complete the final product production. The enterprise cost is very high, equipment very much.

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